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What we do.

Application Development - The "Rails Way"

NinjaConcept stands for state-of-the-art web application development. With Ruby on Rails as our weapon of choice this includes:

  • Rapid, highly-customized web application development
  • Test-driven development techniques for quality management
  • Mapping your business models into cutting edge flexible web/mobile/iOS applications.

NinjaConcept has mainly two fields of operation: Realizing our own visions as well as helping customers to realize their visions

Full Mobile Support

Nowadays, more and more people are using the internet via mobile devices. Tendency rising. Therefore, full mobile compatibility is mandatory. With us, you don’t even have to mention that. Thanks to Ruby and modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 our products meet the needs of all those mobile devices.

Full iOS and Mac OSX Support

An iOS app is, as well as an OS X app, a great extension for your brand new web app. With Ruby, we can use your web app to serve content for your mobile and desktop apps. One system, many clients. Clever, eh?

Our products.

Time tracking app for iPhone.

We needed a way to manage our working time easily from wherever we are. Since we always carry our mobile phones with us, developing a mobile app was the obvious choice. Clockson is a sleek mobile client for mite – an online tool for time tracking.

Read more about Clockson

jarvis app
The iPad client for Travis CI.

We built Jarvis for people like us who work with Travis CI day to day. With this app you can keep track of your builds, pull requests and branch summaries. Watch your log in realtime and even use it as a second screen in fullscreen mode.

Read more about Jarvis

Who we are. How we do.

Who we are.
How we do.

We Are NinjaConcept.

NinjaConcept is a small team of motivated people, specialized in web technologies, mobile development and interface design. Being part of a generation that grew up with computers and the internet, following new technologies and developments became our natural passion. Therefore you can be sure: We are only using up-to-date, efficient technologies and methods to make sure our clients love our work as much as we do.


The requirements for software, and therefore software development, are getting more and more complex. For us it is important to start this process by creating and maintaining a certain feeling of simplicity. It’s about creating an environment that allows us to unfold our full creativity, that also allows you to understand what we do. We will start with a simple prototype and perfect that with your help in an evolutionary process.


How a software looks, how it feels and how dependable and secure it is, are three of the most important aspects of software quality. Therefore we are using modern engineering methods which will ensure high quality in those aspects, as for example:

  • Test-driven development
  • Design-driven development
  • Result-oriented techniques

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